Privacy Policy

In order to ensure that data related to identity, contacts, profiles, behavior on the website and data associated with Your other personal information ("Personal Data") is always protected when You access the site ("Site") and/or use the features contained therein ("Feature(s)"), PT Beranda Wawasan Konsumen ("Muniyo", "We", “Our” or “Us”) are committed to protect Personal Data which is further regulated under this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") constitutes a set of rules that are integral part of Muniyo's Terms and Conditions, which are made as basis of Our activities in obtaining and collecting, processing, storage, displaying, dissemination and destruction of Personal Data on the Site. The definitions and terms in capital letters under the page of Terms and Conditions shall mean have the same meaning and interpretation as the terms used in this Policy.

By accessing the Site and/or using the Feature(s), You are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the terms set forth in this Policy.

1. Acquisition or Collection of Personal Data

When You access into the Site or use the Feature(s) contained in the Site, You directly or indirectly provide Personal Data to Us. For instant, when You register Yourself by creating an account on the Site, We will collect Your Personal Data in the form of name, email address, password, and other required data so that You can have access to Your account. On the other hand, We collect Your Personal Data among others, when You:

- access the Site and/or use Feature(s);

- register Yourself on the Site;

- make or respond to survey;

- send Your impressions, messages, criticisms and suggestions;

- contact Us; or

- input information relating to personal information of any kind into the Site and/or Feature(s).

The Personal Data that We collect is data that You have provided to Us through the methods that We have previously explained. Personal Data includes, among others:

- data related to Your personal information including Your name, address, telephone number or email address;

- Your profile includes age, education level, gender or other data;

- surveys that You make;

- Your response to the survey;

- information about the software and hardware that You use to access the Site and/or use Feature(s);

- criticism, suggestions or messages from You addressed to Us; and

- other things that You conduct on the Site and/or Features and other data that You input into the Site and/or Feature(s).

You hereby represent and warrant the Personal Data that You input into the Site and/or Feature(s) is Your own Personal Data, and You are fully responsible for the Personal Data, including indemnify Us from any civil claims or criminal charges which incurred from misleading information relating to Personal Data that You input into the Site and/or Features.

2. Use of Personal Data 

The Personal Data that We have collected and obtained will be utilized by Us to the full extent for Your interest and Us pursuant to this Policy and applicable law in Indonesia. We may use the data for, among others:

- to process Your data for Your needs in accessing the Site and/or using Feature(s);

- to communicate with You relating to requests for criticism and suggestions;

- to notify information, insights, survey or interesting opportunities for You;

- Site and/or Feature(s) development in order to improve Our services; and

- business development, service or marketing strategy.

We may also use data from Your visits and activities while accessing the Site and using Feature(s) for the interest of developing Our Site, Feature(s) and/or services.

3. Use of Survey Data 

Any survey that will be sent to You through email or survey that You can access when using the Feature is a survey made by other Members, Survey Provider, and/or other parties that have been verified by Us to be able to provide survey ("Survey Makers"), Muniyo only conducts data processing toward Your response to the survey on behalf of Survey Maker. By completing  survey which is sent through email or survey that is notified when You access the Site and/or use Feature(s) through Your Account, You acknowledge and agree that all responses that You provide and sent upon survey made by the Survey Maker and processed by Us ("Survey Data") will be shared with and utilized by Survey Maker. We will always provide Your responses along with the profile needed to the Survey Maker without disclosing Your identity and contact. However, as mentioned heretofore, We are not able to  hide Your identity or contact if You input the data by Yourself when You complete the survey.

We may use Your data constitutes Your profile to give You a survey that is suitable for You. If You complete the survey, We will also use Your activity data to provide other relevant survey.

We expect You to be careful when sending Your identity or contact in the survey. Responses received by Survey Maker are allowed to be utilized Survey Makers and We are not responsible for the use of Your responses by Survey Makers.

4. Sharing of Personal Data to Third Parties

We will not sell, rent, display or share Personal Data other than Your Survey Data without Your prior approval unless otherwise stated in this Policy. We will only disclose Your Personal Data to the third parties based on Your approval. By giving approval in any form to disclose Your Personal Data, You allow Us to disclose and send such Personal Data to selected third party, and You indemnify Us for any loss or damage incurred from the failure of third party to secure Your Personal Data. 

We are not able to warrant the security of Your Personal Data on third-party systems and We have no control or responsibility for privacy policy or content from third parties. You have the responsibility to check the privacy policy of each third party, so that You can understand their provisions in handling Your Personal Data.

We may disclose Your Personal Data particularly relating to Your identity, profile and contact without Your prior approval to comply with a court order or a decision of an authorized government entity or applicable law. 

Insofar as possible and permitted, We will send notifications to You in the event that We disclose Your Personal Data.

5. Use of Cookies and Third Party Services

Cookies are text files placed on Your computer for recording purposes. We use cookies to help Us improve Your convenience in accessing the Site or using Our Feature(s). 

Cookies will record Your Personal Data such as data that You input into the Site. For instant, if You create an account on the Site, cookies will help Us to remember the specific Personal Data for Your next visit. When You re-access the Site, the Personal Data that You provided earlier will be re-displayed, so that cookies activation will facilitate You to access the Site.

You may set to not activate cookies on Your browser entirely or in partial, however, when You do not activate cookies entirely (including important cookies), You may not be able to access the Site and/or Feature(s) entirely or in partial.

Most of the browsers have a feature to control most of the cookies. In order to find out more about cookies, including but not limited to manage, delete and identify which cookies are active, please visit or

In addition, We are entitled to use third-party services to analyze Personal Data for Us, such as Google Analytics and other third party services to develop the Site and Feature(s). The third-party services include, among other things, collecting data from Your visits and activities while accessing the Site and using the Feature(s).

6. Storage and Deletion of Personal Data 

We will store and delete Your Personal Data pursuant to the applicable law in Indonesia. Any Personal Data that We collected will be stored on software and hardware whereby the security is guaranteed and We protect it to the full extent for the security of Your Personal Data. We have encrypted Our Site to guarantee the security of Personal Data.

We do not provide any means for You to delete Your account on Our Site and Feature(s). If You wish to delete Your Account, You may submit an Account deletion request to Us including the reasons for deletion through the communication channel mentioned under this Policy. We reserve the authority to delete Your Account based on Our provisions and We will send Our response through email regarding the deletion progress of Your Account.

If You wish to delete Your Personal Data from Our database, You reserve the right to submit a request for Personal Data deletion to Us by sending a written notice sent through the means as mentioned under this Policy. We have the authority to delete Your Personal Data according to Our provisions yet remain subject to applicable law in Indonesia. 

7. Notification

Every contact made with Us can be done through:

email :

or with Contact Us features that available on the Site and/or Feature(s).

8. Other

We always strive to provide the best service for You in accessing the Site or using Our Feature(s) so We reserve the rights to make any changes to the Policy herein in order to adjust with the business development and the provisions under the applicable law. The changes toward this Policy will be uploaded to the Site from time to time in order to make it available for You to read the changes of this Policy. If the Policy changes are material to Your personal data and information, We will notify you prior the changes come into effect. By keep accessing the Site, You hereby declare that You have read, understood and agreed to bind Yourself to the changes under the Policy.

If any of this provision or part of the Policy is unlawful, unenforceable or invalid, then it shall be deemed deleted from this Policy and the remaining provisions of this Policy shall continue in full force.